Sport Orienteering Club at MIPT

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    Yurmanova Ludmila Aleksandrovna

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    Pigov Mikhail Vladimirivoch

    Yurmanova Ludmila Aleksandrovna

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    Kachurina Irina Sergeevna

    Shestov Aleksey Sergeevich

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Our club exists already about 15 years at MIPT. Over this time our members have achieved considerable success at competitions of various levels. The team of MIPT regularly takes part in competitions among  the universities of Moscow,  in the championship of Moscow region, in the all-Russian championship "Russian Azimuth", in the European championship among students and other competitions.


Everyone is welcome to join our club and enjoy the exciting life of the team. Leave your PCs, laptops, phones and  dilute your hard learning process with active life on the air in the company of good friends.



O-MIPT  Team

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